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There are many fashionista's and make-up guru's out there and for you guys to have a full time life and still do the blogging world is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I've done some much needed browsing (poking my nose around, hehe)  and looking at different BS (blogspot) blogs and noticed there aren't many for HAIR PRODUCTS, I know everyone gets curious about it, if they should buy certain things or not or should they go for expensive rather then cheap. So, I'll try to do more reviews on hair products so all the other femme bloggers out there can do the other reviews for make-up, clothes, nails; that way everyone can have a piece of mind when buying products.


  1. Good shampoo, conditioner and DEEP conditioner (a good brand leaves you with hair feeling awesome and shiny, and you wanna feel good about your hair. HAIR IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ACCESSORY. If you wanna have shitty hair BE MY GUEST, but best believe that is the first thing people notice before your make-up or your face. Go for something a little more pricey when it comes to these items, these will be your foundation to build great hair. TARGET has many salon brands try them out and if you still think your HERBAL ESSENCES, PANTENE PRO-V, DOVE etc. etc works better then a salon brand then oops, my bad.
  2. Leave-on conditioner (even if your hair is fine and sparse a leave-on conditioner in minor dosages helps to keep it from being a tangled mess. Leave-on conditioner acts as a coating for the hair to smooth out the cuticles and give it that nice soft feeling)
  3. THERMAL heat protectant (we all blow dry, curl, flat iron and just use excessive heat to our hair ((especially in cold weather because we hate being cold)) a thermal heat protectant helps to also coat your hair and protect it against intense heat styling. If you can get a leave on conditioner with the thermal heat protectant in it, you're are in a good spot!!!
These are the essentials when it comes to your hair, your hair is your investment and if you are going to put money into it better make it look like it. I'll try to think up other things too in the near future. I'm still trying to figure out how to do all these fancy things with this blog so bare with me!

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